The Daily Special

Home cooking, as you well know, is not done according to a menu; it is a neverending stream of Daily Specials. And this is completely our style; we are very much the kind of people who flow from the Heart, rather than plan with the head. I (Philen) wake up each morning and lie in bed, waiting for Inspiration to come; this is one of my favourite times of the day. Once Inspiration arrives – and She always arrives – I catch it, jump out of bed, and head straight to the kitchen.

Below is a sample of the experience you can expect, although the details of exactly what each dish is, is a day-to-day creation, which we all only discover as the evening unfolds. This Creative Process is a beautiful mystery we both embrace.


Arrive and be greeted with a cup of our homebrewed Chai (traditional mixed-spice hot drink), and some light snacks, while we relax, settle in and get to know each other.

Join Philen around the table as he shares some lesser known, yet precious knowledge on spices, and their 3500-year-old relationship with human beings.

Participate in preparing a dish, where you are given the opportunity to learn techniques and skills you can take home and practice in your own kitchen.

Whet your appetite with poppadoms and homemade chutneys/dips, or other homemade light foods, while the table is cleared and set up for supper.

Be served a full-spread, traditional Indian home meal. This consists of:

  • Fragrant Indian Rice  This could be jeera ricekitchribiryani, or pulao, cooked in a variety of ways.
  • Homemade Dal – This could be Mum’s toor dalSouth Indian sambar dal, chana dal, yellow mung dal, or gram dal cooked in a variety of ways.
  • 2 x Traditional ‘Veg Curries’ – At least one of these is made with fresh local produce. Certain traditional dishes such as Chana masala or Rajma chawal, for example, use imported dried ingredients.
  • Fresh Handmade Roti – Made according to Mum’s recipe, this is a soft, foldable South Indian, wheat-based flatbread, made without yeast or dairy, and fried on a skillet or pan.
  • Freshly prepared Mediterranean salad, created by Kirsty, and made with fresh and in-season local produce.

End with Homemade Dessert created by Kirsty, and served with chai or choffee (chai-spice-infused coffee).

At last, the time will come for us to part ways, and you will leave our home with our blessing, as new friends.


*** no alcohol or soft drinks are served – we prefer to not interfere with the flavors of the food – although guests are welcome to bring their own if they please. And we will happily serve you.

*** all food and drinks served are purely plant-based and friendly to vegetarians, vegans, and all other human beings (as long as you do not have a specific allergy/intolerance)

*** And lastly, all food is cooked with mild to medium ‘spiciness’ so that everyone can enjoy the flavors without being overpowered by spiciness. Extra homemade chilli sauce can be served on the side, if requested by the chilli lovers.

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